Margaret Hutchinson Award Winners

2023Norman O‚ÄôRourke
2020Diane Palmer Diane has given long service to skating in WA as a copetition calculator, taking over the position of chief calculator during the period of changeover to the Rollart scoring system.
2019Allan Wehlow Allan was brought to WA by the Milletts in 1981 to enhance the standard of coaching, and was Morley's principal artistic coach until 2005. He competed in dance and figures in the 1980s, returning to dance competition for a time in the late 1990s. He also became a top-level judge, and continues to serve Australian skating in both judging and coaching roles. He is both a Morley and Skate Australia life member
2018Barbara Rye Barbara has competed in figures and dance since the early 1990s, and was club secretary for 16 years from 2004 to 2020.
2017Barry Andrews Barry has been active within the WA and Australian skating communities since the 1980s. Primarily a dance skater (currently partnered by wife Haley), he is an active silver- and gold-level judge, and one of the state's top coaches. Barry was the source of a number of developments in the equipment used in competition judging. He is a life member of Skate Australia, reflecting many of these achievements.
2016Peter Rye Peter has contributed to skating within Morley and Western Australia in many ways. He has skated completitively in figures and dance, held figures, dance and freeskating judging commissions since 2002, been club president and artistic representative (twice), created and maintained the club and SkateWA web sites, maintained the music system used by artistic skaters at the Morley Rollerdrome, and assisted with star classes since 1994.
2015Bill Foster Bill has contributed to skating at Morley and within WA since the 1980s. He competed in figures and dance, holds held figures and dance judging commissions, as well as an internediate coaching commission. He has been chair of both the judges' and coaches' committees.